President - Stephanie Boysen

Vice President - Lorie Stevens

Secretary- Rachael Murray

Treasurer- Ondrea Dukart


Membership - Ondrea Dukart

Fundraising - Stephanie Boysen

Student Support - Lorie Stevens

Teacher Support - Melissa Magnuson

Parent Support - Sascha Jeffers


Directory - Ondrea Dukart

Website - Erin Thomas

Newsletter - Sascha Jeffers

Snack Shack Concessions - Shay Seamons

Monster Mash Baskets - Christina Lundstrom

Annual Fundraiser - OPEN - Please consider volunteering!

Rummage Sale - Nicole Stroman

Monster Mash - Nicole Stroman and Stephanie Boysen

Christmas Store - Stephanie Boysen
Science Fair - Sascha Jeffers

Screen Turn-Off Week - Lori Mondloch

Family Fun Night - Lorie Stevens

Walk to School Day - Darlene Moyer

Box Tops - Regan Meredith

Book Swap - Kari Cunningham

Invention Convention - Sascha Jeffers

School Play - Heather Zaluski

P/T Conference Dinners - Erin Thomas

Teacher/Staff Birthday Cakes - Stephanie Boysen

Staff Appreciation Week - Darlene Moyer

Nurse Support - Kari Cunningham

Picture Day - Lori Mondloch

Volunteer Coordinator - Erin Thomas

Ice Cream Social - Lorie Stevens

Muffins with Moms - Sisi Carroll

Donuts with Dads - Jolene Bebich




Welcome to our school and our community! This website will hopefully give you a glimpse of the Montana City School PTA.

We are very proud of our school’s high quality educational programs, dedicated staff, extracurricular opportunities, PTA, community support and much more.  Each of us – parents, educators, community members, and business leaders – brings a unique perspective to our community and to our school. We enrich our association and the work we do through our differences and the diversity of ideas we bring.

The Montana City PTA provides support to the school by providing meals for teachers, money for classrooms, and fundraising to purchase items to benefit classrooms and the school as a whole.  We coordinate events to give students opportunities to have fun, get together, and give a sense of pride for their school.

The goal of our PTA is to help children by involving parents in their education and by ensuring that our school is operating successfully with the resources they need. To this aim, we invite you to join us in developing united efforts that will secure for all children and youth the highest advantages in their education, health, and well being.    


we provide continuous support to the students, parents, teachers, and staff of the montana city school.

we work hard to advocate for our school and assist in any way we can for the success of every student.